Takeaways from the best nonfiction books.

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Atomic Habits

Success is the result of daily habits, not huge transformations. Small changes in your habits will take you to a much better destination; You get what you repeat! This is a guide on how to build good habits, and break bad ones.


How to live a more fulfiling professional life corresponding to your individuality? Robert Greene discusses strategies to reach the ultimate goal: Mastery.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

This is a magic guide to help you understand people, make them like you, and win them to your way of thinking. Apply these rules at every opportunity, and it will increase your popularity and help you get along with people everyday.


Work doesn’t have to be soul-crushing. In his book Rework, Jason Fried from Basecamp proposes 12 chapters to help you develop your business without ruining your health.

Made to Stick

You can only use 10 percent of your brain! Ever wonder why is this idea sticky? (even though it’s false?) “Made to stick” finds six qualities in all sticky ideas. Add them to your idea, and it instantly becomes more sticky!